Dan Granero is a passionate and energetic Blues/Rock lead guitarist/vocalist. His passion for music and life is echoed in his performances. Influences such as; Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton and Rory Gallagher can certainly be heard in his original music, however, Dan Granero is unique in his own right.

Dan writes about life experiences to inspire audiences to believe in themselves and to be positive about life. He inspires people of all ages due to the fact that his personality of a caring and understanding person shines through his music.

dan granero blues express

Fender endorsee, Dan Granero has released his brand new album, "Blues Express". Featuring some of Dan's closest friends and main musicians as the rhythm section for the album; David Hentzschel on Fender Precision Bass, James Joseph on Drums and Jesse "James" Jonsson from Gotland - Sweden as special guest on Drums and Harmonica.

"Blues Express" was Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at A# Studios - Sydney, Australia by award-winning Blues Producer, Jeff Cripps.

"This album in my honest opinion, is definitely my best and most favourite album that I have ever released," says Granero.

Blues Express is a high-energy, guitar-driven, Blues/Rock record which captures that 'live feel'. The whole album is very well-written and produced with a great 'big' sound.

This album has that classic 'Dan Granero' Fender Stratocaster guitar sound and style. It is a 'Must Have' for lovers of Blues/Rock music.

Genre: Blues: Blues-Rock

Release Year: 2014

Track List

  1. The Time Has Come

  2. Goin' Home

  3. The Road

  4. My Sweet Baby

  5. Forever

  6. Waitin' For The Train

  7. Tell Me Baby

  8. I Hear The Blues Calling My Name

  9. Blues Express

dan granero time to wake up

The long awaited studio album "Time To Wake Up" is here from Dan Granero! This album has a balanced mix of Blues and Classic Rock with Dan's tasteful guitar licks and tones complementing the well-written tunes about his life from 2008 to 2012.

It was "Time To Wake Up" for Dan Granero as he went through some really hard times in life during the making of this beautiful album from production to personal problems. Dan made it through in the end with the help of great friends, family and band members from Sweden, Denmark, Italy, UK, USA and Australia.

"Time To Wake Up" the album that best describes Dan's life to date.

Genre: Blues: Blues-Rock

Release Year: 2012

Track List

  1. Time To Wake Up

  2. Yes I Know

  3. Find You

  4. I Hear The Blues Calling My Name

  5. Can't Change (Who I Am)

  6. Long Time Coming

  7. The Road

  8. Come On Home

  9. My Baby

  10. Runaway

  11. Can't Stand To Lose

  12. Half The Man

  13. Front Porch Blues

dan granero can't stand to lose

Dan Granero recorded "Can't Stand To Lose" on the 31st January 2009, at "The Oakglen Treehouse" on the Central Coast of New South Wales - Australia with legendary producer/engineer, Dave Scotland. This album intentionally captures the raw energy of the live sessions featuring two of Dan's dearest friends and highly respected musicians; Lawrence Gambale on bass and Michael Williams on drums with minimal production and no overdubs.

As Dan says: “It’s a very honest record, faults and all, that to me builds a strong foundation. I’ve recorded things in the past with lots and lots of production that I think were a bit over the top for me. The layers of vocals and keyboards on those recordings didn't really showcase me as the guitar player that I am, or accurately show what my rockin’ three-piece band does when we play live.”

Armed with "Coco", his beloved stock-standard original 1979 Fender Stratocaster, a Cry Baby Wah Wah, T-Rex and Boss overdrive stompboxes, Dan pushes his Orange half stack amplifier to the limit (and beyond) in the pursuit of his own unique guitar sound.

These nine original tracks recorded on this album are a mix of old and new songs. Some were written in the past few years and reinterpreted for this studio album. Others were written during the several months Dan was on the road touring Scandinavia in 2008.

"Can't Stand To Lose" is a snapshot of Dan Granero in 2009.

It's a picture of a man passionately pursuing his musical vision.

Genre: Blues: Guitar Blues

Release Year: 2009

Track List

  1. Can't Stand to Lose

  2. The Road

  3. I Hear the Blues Calling My Name

  4. Drivin' South

  5. Hey Hey

  6. Change Your Mind

  7. My Baby

  8. One Of Those Weeks

  9. Keep On Movin'

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